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In 2016 alone, $493 billion was spent on advertising globally. It isn’t a surprise that advertising is a multi-billion-dollar industry when you take into consideration just how many adverts you see in a single day. In 2015, digital marketing experts estimated that Americans were exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads everyday. With the exponential growth of social media, smart phones and digital marketing in the past two years, it’s safe to say that the number of ads we are exposed to daily has only increased.

Because of the mass amount of advertisements we take in everyday, it takes a creative ad to be effective enough to stand out from the rest. So far this year there have been majorly successful ad campaigns, like AXE’s newest campaign, to huge advertising flops…yes, Pepsi, we’re talking about you. The month of May was no exception as we saw thousands of ads, some better than the rest. To be considered one of the best of the month, the ad must be memorable, elicit an emotional response, be aesthetically pleasing, have excellent music and, of course, shine positive light on the brand.

These are our choices for the best five ads from May:

1. “Live for the Story” – Canon

It’s no surprise that a company whose main job is to create top line camera equipment has the ability to create visually-appealing advertisements. However, Canon’s last campaign, ‘Live for the Story,’ is even better than what’s expected. The campaigns motto is “your world grows with each story you have, so live for the story,” which is paired alongside video ads of people living life to the fullest. The ads represent freedom, creativity, art, happiness and love, all alongside a catchy song and stunning visuals. The video is apart of a bigger campaign, ‘Summer for 365 days,’ which asks its audience to share their summer story on Instagram for a chance to win a trip around the world.

 2. “#ThankATeacher” – California Lottery

The California Lottery works with schools and teachers across California to support the local education system. Their latest campaign, ‘Back to the Start,’ is about sending native Californians back to their elementary schools to thank their former teachers. This ad shows Venus Williams going back to school to express her gratitude to her first grade teacher. The ad shows a touching moment between former student and teacher; one that is relatable for anyone who has had a remarkable teacher. The ad is successful in drawing attention to the education system and the lottery’s #ThankATeacher campaign.

 3. “Recalculating” – Jeep

Jeep’s ad that came out at the beginning of the month held its ground as one of the best of the entire month. Focusing on promoting their new 2017 Compass as a way to guide you, the ad follows people as their lives move in different, new and fast directions. It’s an inspiring ad that encourages people to find new paths and discover new realizations of the world and of themselves, all with the help of the compass guiding you. It’s an interesting take on a car commercial that sends an inspiring message about embracing change.

 4. “The Human Billboard” – Le CRAN

Le Conseil Representatif des Associations Noires (le CRAN) is an anti-racism organization in France that published this ad in May to combat the country’s racism problems ahead of the election. After collecting racist insults online, from interviews and through audio testimonials, the ad follows Le CRAN covering a young man’s body in the insults and sending him into the streets. This real-life experiment shows the reactions of the public while the man hands out pamphlets with more information on them. This ad is not only a successful video campaign, but was successful in bringing attention to an ongoing social issue.

 5. “Together #WePlayStrong” – Union of European Football Association (UEFA)

Although this ad was released on the last day of May, it made our list of one of the best ads of the month. The visuals, music, production and direction of the video are all very impressive, but another reason why it’s one of the best ads we saw last month? It is the first ever Pan-European campaign aimed at girls that promotes women’s soccer, which alone makes the ad worth watching. The ad is powerful, inspiring and full of encouragement for girls to play soccer.

If your business doesn’t have a Twitter account yet, it should. Twitter is the best tool to get information to your audience quickly and efficiently. Not to mention it’s also one of the best social media networks to create an engaged and loyal audience. By limiting your tweets to 140 characters, Twitter has created an atmosphere of quick news, few words and an effective way to self-promote. However, even if you do have Twitter, are you using it properly? This doesn’t just mean you have a high following, it means you have a high engagement rate.

There are tons of tips and tricks to improve your Twitter account. The worst way is to buy your followers, which would merely result in a high follower count with a low engagement rate. Instead of the quick fix of buying followers, you should implement Twitter tips into your social media strategy to attract genuine followers that will continue to engage with your account.

These are the five tips you should implement into your strategy to organically increase your Twitter engagement:

 1. Know your audience 

Before you begin tweeting whatever comes to mind, do some research. Find out who your target audience is, discover their interests and know what content is popular in your industry. The first step to answer some of these questions is to check out your competitors and the big names within your industry. Look through these accounts and find out who their followers are and which type of tweets have the highest engagement rates. This is just a starting point, as your audience begins to grow so will your familiarity of them.

 2. Know how to use hashtags 

Hashtags are a good way to join a big conversation and engage with new accounts. That being said, this is not Instagram so using 10 hashtags isn’t going to raise your engagement, but rather make your account look like spam. The general rule on Twitter is one to three hashtags per tweet. Use only relevant hashtags that will join your tweet to a larger conversation. Most importantly, if something related to your industry is trending, use the hashtag and join the conversation right away.

 3. Know how to effectively engage

Engaging on Twitter goes beyond liking and retweeting. There are more effective ways to engage to create meaningful Twitter relationships. Twitter chats are arguably the most effective way to boost your visibility. Whether you’re hosting one or joining in, this is a prime opportunity to get your account noticed and to interact with new accounts that you know are actively engaged in your industry. To engage with new accounts, you can also try out the following tips.

  • Respond to big accounts. Your tweet will show up underneath theirs when others click to see more, which will give you good exposure.
  • Create Twitter polls about relevant industry news or about your own brand. This gives your audience an easy way to give you their thoughts and opinions.
  • Follow accounts that consistently engage in your tweets and reciprocate the engagement.
  • Don’t just retweet; retweet with your own opinion written above the original tweet to start a conversation.
  • Share links to relevant industry news and information and ask your followers questions related to the tweet.
  • Live tweet any relevant industry events you attend with the event hashtag.

 4. Know when to tweet

In the world of social media, it’s better to be overseen than rarely seen, especially with Twitter. The average lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes, which means that the chances of your tweet being seen by your entire audience is slim. This is why most successful Twitter accounts tweet anywhere from five to 20 times per day. The easiest way to stay active on twitter is to use a scheduling program, like Hootsuite, to ensure you’re always publishing content. Another way to ensure your content is being seen is to send out at least three different tweets about the same topic at different times throughout the day.

 5. Know the different between brand-centric marketing and customer-centric marketing 

Look at twitter accounts like Wendy’s for example. Wendy’s twitter has successfully shifted from the traditional brand-centric marketing to customer-centric marketing. You can easily recognize this through their banter with customers, their funny tweets that don’t read like ads and their latest viral sensation of giving a teenager free nuggets for a year once he reached 18 million retweets.

A good rule of thumb is to use the 80/20 rule. This means that 80 per cent of your posts are about your community and only 20 per cent are about the product. To gain interested followers who will willingly engage, the 80/20 rule and human-centric marketing tactics should be implemented into your twitter strategy.

Learn more about how Mansfield can help improve your Twitter here.

Social marketing, not to be mistaken for social media marketing, is when a brand combines commercial marketing with a social issue. Typically, a brand’s approach is to portray a positive message in the hopes of persuading its audience to get involved in progressive behaviours that will benefit others and the community, while also associating their brand with the positive message. If successful, a brand shines light on a current social issue and brings favourable attention to themselves.

Highlighting social good not only gives the brand good publicity, but also secures customer engagement, as it gives loyal and new consumers alike a reason to resonate with the brand. From women’s issues to environmental awareness, brands take on a wide variety of issues to distinguish themselves as a socially aware brand. Brands are constantly pushing out new ad campaigns to boost themselves and their social morale. Last week alone, we saw five social marketing ad campaigns that are quite effective in starting a discussion and raising brand awareness.

These are the five most powerful ad campaigns going on right now:

1. #YouHaveRightsNYC – the New York Commission on Human Rights


The New York Commission on Human Rights just launched a $468,000 ad campaign of 2,260 placards on subways and ads in newspapers and in various spots around the city. With the rise of complaints to the commission describing racial and religious discrimination, the city is rolling out this ad campaign to fight against discriminatory behaviour. The ads feature various minorities alongside a quote against discrimination and their rights under the NYC Human Rights Law. This ad campaign is successful in both promoting NYC as inclusive and addressing the social issue of discrimination.

2. #IsItOkForGuys – AXE 

As apart of its ‘Find Your Magic Initiative,’ AXE is collaborating with influencers and three non-profit organizations to explore the issue of toxic masculinity. After commissioning a study that found that 72 per cent of men have been told how a real man should behave, AXE created this new ad campaign. Their latest video, ‘Is It Ok For Guys?’ focuses on real questions men have been Googling about masculinity. The powerful ad encourages men to embrace their differences and rise against damaging stereotypes with the final question of “Is it okay for guys to be themselves?” This ad successfully represents AXE as a forward-thinking, inclusive brand, while also shining light on harmful gender stereotypes.

 3. #OurVoicesAreVital – Greenpeace

After a multi-million-dollar lawsuit was filed against Greenpeace by Resolute Forest Products last year, the environmental group is striking back with its biggest marketing campaign to date. #OurVoicesAreVital is an ad campaign complete with a social media launch and various videos, which encourage people to use their own voices against corporations that stand in the way of fighitng environmental, social and political issues. The new video shows the positive effects of collective protest through different mediums. Greenpeace is not only bringing attention to their ongoing legal battle, but also giving their own brand some good publicity.

4. #YouKnow – Carefree

‘You know what makes you feel confident’ is the newest collection of videos just launched for Carefree’s ‘No one knows’ campaign, which focuses on women sharing their secrets about having their period. The campaign will rollout across Canada with the hope that women will embrace the vulnerability they feel about their periods. Carefree wants to start a conversation around #YouKnow that ideally will revolve around women sharing their tips, tricks and stories. Carefree’s goal is to represent real female empowerment, with real women and true stories that are relatable, instead of the unattainable ads we usually see. Carefree has highlighted female empowerment, while also labelling themselves as a relatable brand.

5. #BlacksDontVote – Operation Black Vote

Operation Black Vote is an initiative in the UK that works towards having better racial justice and equality. ‘Blacks Don’t Vote’ is their current campaign focused on getting minorities to register and vote to make a difference. 1.4 million black and ethnic minorities didn’t vote in the UK last year and with the election coming up in a few weeks, this group is working towards giving minorities a voice. Right now, 28 per cent of minorities aren’t registered to vote. These simple ads are a plea to get registration numbers up. With this powerful ad campaign, Operation Black Vote is addressing the social issue of the lack of minorities voting, while also gaining traction around their initiative.

Instagram is growing at a rapid rate. According to Time, in the past four months Instagram reached 700 million active users, which is the photo and video sharing app’s quickest growth spurt to date. Nowadays, it’s rare that a business doesn’t include Instagram in their social media marketing strategy. And there’s a good reason for it. Instagram is one of the best ways to visually promote your business and engage your audience.

A successful account isn’t measured by just the amount of Instagram followers, but rather is measured by the engagement rate. In the age of buying followers and likes, it is still possible to grow your account’s following and engagement rate organically. The best recipe for a high engagement rate is consistently posting aesthetically-pleasing, relevant and creative photos and videos. However, there are certain tricks you should implement into your Instagram strategy that will help you to organically improve your Instagram’s engagement rate.

Follow these four rules to see organic and substantial growth on your Instagram account:

 1. Have a full content strategy:

With 700 million active Instagram users, you’ll need to be unique to stand out, and behind every great Instagram is an even better content strategy. Merely posting photos on Instagram does not mean you have a content strategy. The most successful brands have a method to their madness and it’s no secret as to why their social media accounts are so popular. A good Instagram strategy will take planning, research and some experimental posts before you find out what works for your account and audience.

Ask yourself these questions when working on your content strategy:

  • Is there a theme? Consider the culture of your business and what you’re trying to convey through your account. Keep posts consistent, whether that means similar captions, filters or subject matter, make sure you stick to your theme. Remember: the best Instagram accounts have an obvious style.
  • How often and what time should I post? Several studies have been conducted on what times are the best for optimal Instagram engagement, however, the best posting times are dependant on several factors, mainly your audience. A good place to start is by using Instagram’s follower insights. After registering your account as a business profile, Instagram will automatically generate insights that will show you when your followers are most active. To see a high engagement rate start by posting your photos during your followers’ most active periods. As for how often, the general rule is at least once a day.

 2. Use quality hashtags

Hashtags are used on every social media platform, but they seem most effective on Instagram. Use the proper hashtags to reach a larger targeted audience than just those already following you. Instagram allows users to post 30 hashtags per post, and a TrackMaven study found that posts with more than 11 hashtags have the highest engagement rates.

What hashtags should I use? The four types of hashtags to include on every post are Instagram’s popular hashtags, local hashtags, related hashtags and branded hashtags. The actual hashtags will differ depending on your content, but there are a few tools, like Hashtagify, that will quickly discover the best ones for your content.

3.  Be extra social

It’s not enough to just consistently post quality content on your account. What separates the great accounts from the good accounts is the level of socializing you participate in with your followers. This ranges from just “liking” a follower’s comment on your post to sharing user-generated content. Other than liking and commenting on other accounts’ posts, which you should do often, try out these socializing tips to gain traction:

  • Ask questions in your captions and ask followers to tag their friends in the comments
  • Share user-generated content and tag the follower in the caption
  • Like up to 100 photos on your explore page per day
  • Respond to comments as quickly as possible
  • Tag influencers or relevant brands in your photos

4. Only post quality, creative photos

Visuals are everything on Instagram so make sure to only post high-quality, crisp images. There’s no need to invest in a professional camera to ensure maximum quality images, as any smartphone camera can do the job. Steer clear of mainly product photos and instead give your audience a look into the culture of your business. Introduce your employees and office, share cool shots of the cities you work in and give some behind-the-scenes looks.

Candid photos will give your audience an inside look at the personality of your brand. Quality over quantity, so make sure to avoid blurry, low-resolution and over-filtered photos and instead share well-lit, tastefully edited and clear focused images.

Learn more about how Mansfield can help improve your Instagram here.

Advertising, when done right, can be extremely memorable. The best ads are shareable, unforgettable and elicit an emotional response. Whether the goal is to make you laugh, cry or shout out in anger, the emotional response you have will make the ad stick with you. One subject that is sure to bring out all of the emotions is Mother’s Day.

Every year on Mother’s Day, companies use the celebration as a chance to promote their brand through creative and engaging ads. Every year companies fight to come out on top with the best and most shareable ad that represents just how great moms are. This year was no exception. Various companies created memorable ads that made their audience laugh, cry and hopefully, call their moms.

These are the top five Mother’s Day ads of 2017:

American Greetings: “#GiveMeaning”

American Greetings took an unique approach to celebrating Mother’s Day. Instead of the usual ads we are accustomed to seeing, the card company’s ad shows a daughter getting her late mother’s handwriting from an old card tattooed on her wrist. Inspired by a true story, American Greetings’ CMO Alex Ho wanted an ad that reflected real life, instead of a manufactured, unrealistic moment. “Give Meaning” is a touching ad that shows a different way of celebrating Mother’s Day, while also promoting how special it is to give a hand-written card.

 Sick Kids: “Mom Strong”

This ad also goes against the grain of the usual by showcasing the harsh reality for mothers with sick children. The ad shows the strength and perseverance of these moms as they break down in private and proceed to put on a brave face for their kids. The PSA is based around five mothers’ real life stories and acts as both a testament to how strong moms are and as a request for donations to SickKids as a Mother’s Day gift.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: “Swear Like a Mother”

Kraft did some research for this ad. After surveying 1,000 millennial parents, they discovered that 74 per cent of moms have said the f-word in front of their kids. The brand teamed up with Melissa Mohr, author of ‘Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing,’ to create an ad about the ‘perfectly imperfect’ side of motherhood. The result? Hilarious and relatable. Kraft also released limited edition earplugs (that look like their noodles) and Mother’s Day cards.

 Lysol: “Protect Like a Mother”

Lysol’s ad replaces moms with wild animals to highlight the extremes moms go to on a daily basis to protect their kids. The motherly instinct to protect remains the same among humans and animals and Lysol aimed at promoting the universal desire to protect. The ad includes a bear, a vulture, a monkey, an elephant and a lion. “Protect like a mother. It’s what you do. It’s what we do,” lends itself nicely to Lysol’s ‘what it takes to protect’ slogan.

 KFC: “Tender Wings of Desire”

KFC celebrated moms with a 96-page romance novel featuring Colonel Sanders. Going with the motto of “let Colonel Sanders take care of dinner and mom’s fantasies,” the chicken chain is giving away free downloadable copies for the novel online, hoping to promote their $20 fill-up deal. Seeing as Mother’s Day is one of KFC’s best selling days of the year, it makes sense why they would heavily promote this hilarious campaign.