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Influencer Marketing | Mansfield Inc.

Influencer Marketing

By identifying the personalities with impactful followings on digital platforms, we drive your brand’s message to a targeted, relevant market that an influencer has cultivated. Whether your strategy involves a micro influencer, mid-market influencer or macro influencer, Mansfield has the skills and experience to negotiate the best program to fulfill the goals and objectives of your campaign.

Our influencer marketing campaigns are designed to complement your larger marketing strategies, combining content that an influencer creates independently or co-creates to share on both their personal social channels and broader platforms. All scenarios involve a level of curation that Mansfield will uphold within the negotiated boundaries of the influencer relationships. Authenticity and transparency are critical to the success of our programs.

Mansfield identifies the strong voices around your industry – people who already command the attention of your target audiences and are willing to help bring your business to their attention. We look beyond an influencer’s follower numbers to the engagement levels on individual posts to ensure audiences are interested and driving positive action on your behalf.

How we do it:

  1. Influencer identification & selection
  2. Design the program workflow and content calendars
  3. Monitoring & key metric tracking
  4. Optimizing distribution

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