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We all know the stress of throwing a party. The planning, wondering who to invite and that horrible feeling right before that nobody is going to show up or that everything will go wrong. Even though we can’t always help that feeling, we can help you avoid some easy mistakes that new event planners usually make. Pay close attention, use these event planning tips and may your event be a success!

1. Maintain one point of contact

If you or your event planning team are using outside sources (food catering, donations, etc.) always ensure that the same person is in contact with the individual the whole way through, unless otherwise stated. This ensures that your team appears more organized and keeps everyone happy without any miscommunication. Your staff will appreciate it and anyone who regularly deals with event staff will recognize the professionalism.

2. There should always be food and drink

You may find this one surprising to be on the list, but food and drink are essential and forgotten more often than it should be. If your guests are paying to attend an event, they will be much happier if they are not hangry (that feeling when you are so hungry you get angry). Happy guests make for happy event planners, who doesn’t want that?

3. Timing, location, and other details should be clear and consistent

All of the details of the event must be organized in advance. It’s understandable that changes happen, which can be dealt with by a quick update, but you must be consistent on all your platforms and ensure that guests are able to find the information easily. It is an easy mistake to make, even if one platform has an hour difference from another, but this is an easily avoidable mistake so always double and triple check that your event information is the same.

4. Try out the technology before the event

This means going to the venue beforehand, standing on the podium and trying out the mic, bringing musicians in for a sound check, doing a run-through of the slideshow and making sure your ticket scanners work. Your guests will notice the little things, and if you can get a sound technician- even better! You don’t realize how valuable those are until you realize you need one.

5. Make your guests feel special

When they arrive ensure that you have the proper scanning materials or place to purchase tickets. Once guests have completed this transaction with the person at the door (yes, there should always be someone there, guests need a point of contact for their questions too) they should be given something to show they have paid. This can be a pin with a ribbon, a bracelet or even a stamp. It will make your guests feel as if they have received an immediate return of investment and gives them the ability to come and go from the event as they please.

Every event is different and will have its own challenges, but these are some of the basics that will help any event planner. Your guests will thank you later, we promise.

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