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Summer's Must Reads for the CFO, CMO and CEO | Mansfield Inc.

Mansfield Inc.

With summer officially coming to a close, we are taking a look at the senior management must read list of our blog articles. Many of our articles featured “best-of” creative and commercial spots for the holiday and events of the summer. You can catch that list by clicking here. However, we wanted to capture the essentials for our C-suite audience from our articles from the past three months.

If you are reporting to your CFO, or a CFO themselves trying to find the value in spending on social media, you have to figure out what your team is doing right or wrong. If your social media is being run by a B-School intern or someone’s kid relative you are missing the most important part: a content strategy. Contact us immediately if you do not have one of those in place.

6 tips for a successful Facebook business page

Quick recap: make sure your strategy is ticks all these boxes:
1. Offer value
2. Be a friend, not a business
3. Track the engagement
4. Be visual
5. Use advertising
6. Include a call-to-action

For the CMO who does not have Creative Director background, but needs to speak to creatives in terms they can relate to, our guide on photography will be the most important article to you.

Simple tips to make your images more attractive

Quick recap: three things that will work in nearly every creative discussion
First, use colours that complement each other
Second, use strategic composition: the rule of thirds.
Third, do not use more than two fonts and make the size legible.

Finally the CEO needs to know that the voice of the company speaks true and that the voice is heard, this is outlined in your strategic communications plan. We came up with the four step plan to creating a successful strategic communications plan.

Four steps to a successful strategic communications plan

Quick recap: follow these four steps

  1. Situation Analysis
  2. Strategic Approach
  3. Scope & Budget
  4. Measurement and Reporting

Mansfield Inc provides discrete training and consulting to executives in the the C-Suite. Contact us if you feel the need to update your skills or knowledge base quickly and quietly for digital communications, social or PR.


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