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Father’s Day is an opportunity companies take every year to make unforgettable, touching ads. While some brands use the day to promote their latest stereotypical dad item- think BBQs, watches and golf clubs- others look beyond the material items to take a deeper look at what dads really mean to us.

By celebrating dads with creative advertisements, brands have the opportunity to create touching Father’s Day ads while also promoting their brands as family-oriented. Americans alone are expected to spend $15.5 billion on cards, dinners and gifts on Father’s Day this year, and marketers are likely to spend about $2 billion on ads to take advantage of the day. Every year a few ads seem to stand out from the rest and become the best of the day and ad agencies definitely didn’t disappoint this year.

These are the top five Father’s Day ads of 2017:

SickKids: Night Shift”

Much like their most recent Mother’s Day ad, SickKids took a unique approach to promoting Father’s Day. Their ad follows a real life dad of a SickKids patient, Frank, as he runs his construction business. The ad ends with Frank arriving at SickKids hospital to see his wife and start his ‘night shift’ with his daughter as she’s in the neonatal intensive care unit. The ad works as both a touching reminder of hardworking dads are and as a call to support the SickKids Foundation this Father’s Day.

Gillette: “Go Ask Dad”

This is Gillette’s second year using their ‘Go Ask Dad’ campaign for Father’s Day. Their campaign is based off of their research that 84 per cent of guys say their main source of information is their phone, while only 13 per cent go to their dads. The touching ad shows sons realizing their dads give better advice than their phone through a clever fake app. Gillette doesn’t show any of their products in the ad, and they don’t have to. It’s a good move by Gillette to bring positive attention to the brand through a touching ad.

Foot Locker: “Father’s Day”

With the NBA draft right around the corner, Foot Locker took this opportunity to make a short Father’s Day ad with this year’s top NBA prospects. The ad is short, witty and quite funny for anyone who has been following the NBA. The highlight of the ad is Lonzo Ball taking funny stabs at his dad as his dad is infamous for being outrageous in the world of basketball. Even without knowing about the Ball family, the ad is still relatable for any kid and dad who constantly joke around with one another.

Dove: “Celebrate Men Who Are There To Care”

Dove is known for creating heartwarming ads and this Father’s Day was no exception. Their ad is unique because rather than just celebrate dads, it gives a shout out to all the men in our lives who care: grandfathers, teachers, uncles and coaches specifically. The ad is a nice reminder to thank all of the men in our lives who care. Once again, Dove comes out on top with a great, touching ad.

Buffalo Wild Wings: “Watching”

This ad is less than a minute long, but that’s all it took to show the unique relationship between a father and daughter. The ad shows a little girl copying the actions of her dad as he watches a sports game on TV. He doesn’t realize until the end that his daughter has been matching his actions. “The love of sports is something that’s shared. Here’s to those who pass it on,” is the motto of the commercial, and it’s a good one. It’s a relatable commercial for anyone who has bonded with their dad over a shared interest.