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Taylor Swift Can’t Shake Us Off.

An article with a similar title caught my eye recently and it made me think about the power content really does play in developing PR messaging.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of her or her music, a closer look at Taylor Swift reveals the power of her brand and its growing presence even with non-fans. So, what’s sparked this T-Swizzle phenomenon?

A few months ago she split from her PR Team at Erickson who had handled her publicity since 2007. Sources say that the intention is to keep future PR efforts in-house with her management. Whether she picked up some good pointers from other artists and her publicist, or she’s just a natural PR machine, is open for discussion. Regardless, when you stop to think about some of her most recent public actions such as revealing her bellybutton (after previously telling fans she didn’t want them to know if she had one or not), removing her songs from Spotify, and gifting $1,989 (her date of birth) to help a fan pay back her college debt, it’s clear there’s a calculated, well thought out PR strategy behind every one of her publicity efforts.

Here’s a look at some of my favourite ‘Taylor Tips’ for PR: more