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The Six Best Tourism Ads For Summer 2017 | Mansfield Inc.

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How much does marketing affect your decisions? Reading positive reviews on a product may influence a purchase, but what about when choosing your next travel destination? Every year, cities, states, provinces and countries release tourism ad campaigns to attract travellers. While seeing a tourism ad campaign may not lead you to book the next flight out, they are useful in creating awareness around an area you may not have considered travelling to before. These campaigns typically showcase the region’s places of interest, happy visitors and unexpected highlights but the best ads dig deeper into what makes the destination truly special to create an effective and memorable ad.

So if you’re still wondering where you should take your summer vacation, we’ve rounded up the six of our favourite tourism ad campaigns of 2017 to give you some ideas.

“Discover Los Angeles: Everyone Is Welcome”

In April, Discover Los Angeles released their global tourism campaign “#EveryoneIsWelcome.” The campaign is intended to remind travellers that everyone is welcome in LA, regardless of the country’s controversial ‘travel ban.’ The campaigns motto, “we believe that what makes us different brings us together. Help Los Angeles share this welcome message with the world,” is a strong one and paired with this ad makes LA look like a good destination to travel to this year.

Tourism Toronto: “The Views Are Different Here”

Our very own Toronto released one of its best tourism ads to date. “The Views Are Different Here,” showcases Toronto’s multiculturalism, the highlights of the city, iconic Toronto moments like Bautista’s bat flip and of course Drake (the title of the ad is a play off of Drake’s ‘Views’ album). The ad is not only extremely well done, but properly advertises the best things about Toronto that make it a great city for anyone to visit (or move to).

VisitSweden: “Sweden on Airbnb”

In a great marketing and tourism idea, Sweden listed the entire country on Airbnb to encourage visitors to get a true experience of the country. The ad is creatively done with the narrator outlining the perks of his home, which is actually just the entire country and its nature. In Sweden, the freedom to roam is a rule which gives citizens the freedom to do anything from sleeping under the stars to swimming in all of the lakes, and now you too can enjoy the freedom in Sweden.

 Switzerland Tourism: “#InLoveWithSwitzerland”

The first Indian ambassador for Switzerland Tourism, Ranveer Singh, starred in this ad to showcase his love for Switzerland. Singh runs through his favourite things to do in Switzerland, which includes enjoying the serene views Switzerland is known for, but also includes moments of adventure, like skydiving. The ad does a good job of showing a side of Switzerland that isn’t always showcased.

Nova Scotia: “Let Nova Scotia Surprise You”

This is Nova Scotia’s second year running their “Let Nova Scotia Surprise You” tourism ad campaign. The campaign runs on digital ad banners and videos, televisions and billboards. The campaign aims to show potential tourists things about Nova Scotia that they may not expect to do or see. Ending at the end of this month, the campaign is successful in highlighting the province’s lesser known attractions.

The Philippines: “Experience The Philippines”

The Philippines’ tourism ad is full of bright colours, adventures and happiness: basically, everything you’d want on a vacation. What makes this ad unique? The ending. The campaign slogan, “when you’re with Filipinos, life is better,” is highlighted at the end of the commercial when it’s revealed that the tourist is blind. “You don’t have to see to feel you are home,” is a heartwarming end to an otherwise well-done tourism ad.


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