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The top five Mother's Day Ads of 2017 | Mansfield Inc.

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Advertising, when done right, can be extremely memorable. The best ads are shareable, unforgettable and elicit an emotional response. Whether the goal is to make you laugh, cry or shout out in anger, the emotional response you have will make the ad stick with you. One subject that is sure to bring out all of the emotions is Mother’s Day.

Every year on Mother’s Day, companies use the celebration as a chance to promote their brand through creative and engaging ads. Every year companies fight to come out on top with the best and most shareable ad that represents just how great moms are. This year was no exception. Various companies created memorable ads that made their audience laugh, cry and hopefully, call their moms.

These are the top five Mother’s Day ads of 2017:

American Greetings: “#GiveMeaning”

American Greetings took an unique approach to celebrating Mother’s Day. Instead of the usual ads we are accustomed to seeing, the card company’s ad shows a daughter getting her late mother’s handwriting from an old card tattooed on her wrist. Inspired by a true story, American Greetings’ CMO Alex Ho wanted an ad that reflected real life, instead of a manufactured, unrealistic moment. “Give Meaning” is a touching ad that shows a different way of celebrating Mother’s Day, while also promoting how special it is to give a hand-written card.

 Sick Kids: “Mom Strong”

This ad also goes against the grain of the usual by showcasing the harsh reality for mothers with sick children. The ad shows the strength and perseverance of these moms as they break down in private and proceed to put on a brave face for their kids. The PSA is based around five mothers’ real life stories and acts as both a testament to how strong moms are and as a request for donations to SickKids as a Mother’s Day gift.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: “Swear Like a Mother”

Kraft did some research for this ad. After surveying 1,000 millennial parents, they discovered that 74 per cent of moms have said the f-word in front of their kids. The brand teamed up with Melissa Mohr, author of ‘Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing,’ to create an ad about the ‘perfectly imperfect’ side of motherhood. The result? Hilarious and relatable. Kraft also released limited edition earplugs (that look like their noodles) and Mother’s Day cards.

 Lysol: “Protect Like a Mother”

Lysol’s ad replaces moms with wild animals to highlight the extremes moms go to on a daily basis to protect their kids. The motherly instinct to protect remains the same among humans and animals and Lysol aimed at promoting the universal desire to protect. The ad includes a bear, a vulture, a monkey, an elephant and a lion. “Protect like a mother. It’s what you do. It’s what we do,” lends itself nicely to Lysol’s ‘what it takes to protect’ slogan.

 KFC: “Tender Wings of Desire”

KFC celebrated moms with a 96-page romance novel featuring Colonel Sanders. Going with the motto of “let Colonel Sanders take care of dinner and mom’s fantasies,” the chicken chain is giving away free downloadable copies for the novel online, hoping to promote their $20 fill-up deal. Seeing as Mother’s Day is one of KFC’s best selling days of the year, it makes sense why they would heavily promote this hilarious campaign.

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