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What the most popular brands are doing right, and how you can too.

Branding today isn’t just about having a nice logo, a digital marketing strategy and a variety of social media handles. We’re now in the age of millennials who want meaningful connections, innovative yet community focused brands, relevant and useful information and top-of-the-line product. Simply covering the bases of traditional marketing won’t cut it anymore. Thankfully, a lot of brands out there are creating content and strategies that we can look to and learn from. Here are some top brands who are going beyond the traditional landscape to gain new customers each day.


brands 1

  • They are up to date on the latest celeb culture and social media trends.
    • To give one example, the company recently has Selena Gomez take over their Snapchat for a day while she’s prepping for her latest tour. Now, Selena Gomez may seem like a really strange choice in celebrity, but she currently holds the most Instagram followers in the world. Smart move, Coca-Cola. Also, the fact that Coca-Cola has a Snapchat account puts them way higher on the relevance scale. Brand brownie points.
  • They’ve taken their labels to a new level.
    • You can now purchase bottles online with a custom label- whatever you decide. They also have preset labels for bottles including weddings, birthdays, graduations, and even summer song lyrics. This is brilliant, because they’ve given customers the option to celebrate any aspect of their life with Coca-Cola. This is how large brands can be made personal and create meaningful connections with their customers. brands 2
  • They’ve taken avenues that are risky.
    • Coca-Cola seems to have its  foot in every type of world, which comes with time but also meticulous strategy and networking. For example, their icon was featured in designer Fyodor Golan’s new line and they created a running shoe in collaboration with Adidas, using the hashtag #cokestyle to get the word out about new fashion initiatives. brands 3It’s in these ways that they are starting to permeate everyday life. Not just being a part of food and drink choices- but a part of your clothing and footwear choices too. If brands aren’t willing to branch out into what is uncomfortable or a little strange, they may never reach people who would end up otherwise using their product.brands 4



brands 5

  • This company is showing people that they care.
    • One of the main ways they’re doing that is creating a strategy called “People and Planet Positive,” a sustainability plan for their company up until 2020. IKEA knows that climate change is a massive concern to millennials, which means current and future customers. In this report, they say, “IKEA can grow in a way that creates opportunities and improves lives. As IKEA grows, we want to strengthen our positive impact and help meet the needs and aspirations of more families and households around the world.” IKEA wants to establish themselves as a brand that shares in these concerns with people, and want to do something to help.brands 6


  • They establish their mission, and then they pursue it wholeheartedly.
    • IKEA’s motto is, “to create a better everyday life for the many people,” and their goal is to be the “leader of life at home.” They don’t just say that though. They visit people’s homes regularly; they ask questions to the everyday civilian. Then, they produce quarterly home reports that don’t really have a whole lot to do with selling their product, but give meaningful information so that they build connection with the customer. Their most recent report was about cooking at home. brands 7



brands 8

  • Apple knows who their audience is, and they ALWAYS tailor to that audience’s desire.


  • They’re not afraid to be the first one to do something.
    • Nathan Hangen from the Kissmetrics said, “When Steve Jobs debuted the iPad, the critics stood in line, throwing every insult they could muster. The critics said that the iPad would fail.” Every time a brand wants to create something new, they will always face some sort of retaliation. The important aspect to this is already having a strong clientele that is going to go with you when that new product gets released. Even better, get the trendsetters following you. Then everyone else, maybe even the critics, will follow suit. Truth is that if you aren’t releasing a product that has some sort of new feature, or is branded in a way that makes customers feel as though they’re missing out on something, they have no reason to upgrade to whatever your company is selling.brands 10

So, let’s break down the major takeaways from each of these large brands. You don’t have to have a massive corporation to learn some pretty useful information:

  • Keep up with celebrity culture. Find spokespeople who are going to reach the audience you want to reach. Give them the latest technological tools to reach your prospective customers in new ways.
  • Get creative with labelling and icons. Is there any way you can start to personalize your product for your customers?
  • Be risky. Try and get your name in avenues people might not expect you to have partnership with.
  • Show people you care. Take corporate responsibility and give back when you succeed. People want to know that you’re getting on their level and that you value the community.
  • Establish your mission, and pursue new ways that you could get that mission across.
  • Know your audience and don’t budge on it. These customers will become vital to your word-of-mouth service, and they could serve as your voluntary brand ambassadors.
  • Race for first place. If you aren’t creating something new, people aren’t going to buy it. Remember that you’ll have critics along the way.


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