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Building your Company Brand on Social Media | Mansfield Inc.

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7 Tips for Branding on Social Platforms.

Building a company brand  is a marketing strategy that is used to differentiate one business from another. This includes recognizable designs, symbols or icons that make your company stand out in a crowd. Social media can help you build your brand in ways you can’t with traditional advertising.

Social media is becoming so vital to company brand growth, that 71 percent of brands plan to invest more heavily in social media in the coming year to get followers and build brand reputation.

Here are some simple tips to get you thinking about your company’s brand and how you can improve your social relevance.

1. Know what social media networks to use- and not.


There are so many different social media platforms out there, and the social media landscape  will only continue to grow. Know the mission of your company, so that when it comes to choosing social media platforms, your choices will be a no brainer.

Here’s a quick overview of the top platforms that could help build your brand:

  • Facebook- good for virtually anyone, since there are so many diverse users on the platform. It is a great tool for brand awareness.
  • Instagram- this is a great branding opportunity for companies who have a lot of visual components. For example, a clothing brand, interior designers, photographers or bloggers should all have accounts on Instagram and upload photos daily.
  • Google Plus- this platform is great for specifically men in the technology industry. While this platform didn’t get the hype they were hoping for, they are building a niche market that your brand may want to reach.
  • Pinterest – this is specifically popular among women with jewelry and other apparel. It’s also a great tool for bloggers.
  • LinkedIn- this site promotes business and connects you with other corporations that might be doing similar things. You can even network with companies to work together and generate a larger audience.

2. Get to Know your Viewers

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You can use Twitter and Facebook to see who’s posting about your company, research your competitors and monitor topics that are relevant to your brand to stay up to date on trends. Use the analytic features on both platforms to your advantage and find out who is clicking on your ads and who isn’t. These social media channels will draw certain audiences to your brand that can help you strategically plan your advertising and marketing campaigns for the future.

3. Build Social into your product


If you want people to purchase or share your product, make it easy for them to do so. Call-to-action buttons work great to connect your website or blog to your social media handles and vice versa. Give people a box where they can sign up for your newsletter. Ask people to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other relevant social media to get them on board with all your updates and new product releases. You’ll be shocked at how many people share and like your content, simply because you asked them to!

4. Create and Leverage partnerships


It’s easy to increase your followers by doing something called a shout out. Go to a company or influencer who has more followers than you and request for them to give you a shout out. These shout outs can be paid or unpaid, depending on how much bigger the company is to yours and what kind of corporate relationships you foster. The influencer might charge you a certain amount of money for this sponsored post, but if they don’t, these shout outs are called “share for share”. Both accounts share about the other account, and encourage users to follow the other. This is a simple way to use your branding strategically to reach more people.

5. Don’t have content just for the sake of having content


Now that there are so many social apps available, just having content out there won’t make you relevant. You’ve got to create content that people want to look at, read, click and then read some more! Not to mention a common thread throughout your content that point back to your branding strategy. This includes having things like professional photos, and insightful content that doesn’t just point people to your product, but builds trust and reliability with your brand. If you’re giving out advice or strategy- you better make sure it works!

6. Stay up to date


Do you know the latest features on various social media platforms? Do you know what kind of updates they’ve made in the past weeks and months? Do you know what apps are up and coming, the latest photo editing software, the most relevant social hashtags that could help leverage your business? If you don’t, your company’s content will slowly fade into the background- even if the content is good. It’s important to take time to keep up with the most recent technological advances that could improve your company’s branding strategy, especially when new developments are happening on a daily basis.

7. Use campaigns to promote partnerships


Do your postings have some sort of continuity in them, or are they just a bunch of individual posts highlighting product? The most effective types of advertising through social media is making campaigns that have a common thread throughout. They will draw readers not only to a single post, but multiple posts. Having contests and giveaways never gets old- you can leverage partnerships with other companies to create better advertising.


These simple yet effective ideas will help your company build a clear and meaningful brand using social media. What are your company’s top social media strategies? Let us know in the comments below.

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