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Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Toronto — Kanetix Ltd. announced today Mansfield Inc. as their PR Agency of Record. Kanetix Ltd. drives digital growth for the insurance and financial services industry by integrating data insights and technology to create best-in-class customer experiences. Their trusted suite of insurance and personal finance comparison websites are used by more than 8 million Canadians every year: Kanetix.ca, InsuranceHotline.com, RateSupermarket.ca, Rates.ca and ComparaSave.com.

Mansfield Inc. will lead the national PR strategy, including media relations and influencer campaigns for Kanetix Ltd., focused on brand building and raising awareness.

“We are looking forward to working with the Mansfield team to further build our brands under the Kanetix Ltd umbrella. Their creativity and demonstrated expertise in consumer and corporate PR, strong media relations network and experience with new technologies made them the right agency for us as we continue to develop offerings to help Canadians make better money decisions,” said Leonie Tait, vice-president marketing, Kanetix Ltd.

“We are excited to be AOR for Kanetix Ltd. and its family of brands. We look forward to working together creatively to bring their value proposition to the forefront and raise awareness of their extensive offerings. Their prominence in the InsureTech vertical presents a wonderful opportunity to reinforce their leadership position,” said Mansfield Inc. president and CEO, Hugh Mansfield.

Mansfield Inc. was selected following a competitive bid process earlier this year.

Follow Mansfield on Twitter at twitter.com/MansfieldInc and on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/mansfieldinc. Follow Kanetix Ltd. on Twitter at twitter.com/KanetixLtd and on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/kanetixltd.


My grandmother was a unique individual who often remarked on her age as if it were the year you were in not the year that had passed. In many ways, she was logically correct. We celebrate our day of birth as reaching the exact measurement to the exact date of arrival on this great earth. The very next day you are technically living in the next year of your life. Three hundred and sixty-four days away from lighting another candle on the cake.

Truthfully, my grandmother’s logic drove most of my relatives crazy. For whatever reason, I took a particular fondness to her approach. It was both sensible and practical to me. It was a true and exact measurement. It was clever too. As a young boy, it gave me leverage in suggesting that I was technically one year older than my actual age. Not that this resonated with my mother (she was a detractor of grandmother’s theory) but it certainly brought an inquisitive look or two over the years and quite often a smile.

I often thought that as ardent as my grandmother was on her theory of birthdays, she was also half humoring us or instilling some sort of life lesson. It was perhaps her secret way of challenging us to think differently about a common celebration and maybe explore alternatives in the prevailing logic. Or perhaps it was her way of just being memorable.

It many ways, I look at life here at Mansfield Inc. as the year we are in. So much has evolved this past year as our industry continues to grapple with the velocity of the new technologies and information consumption habits of the audiences we are now catering to. We have new tools for campaign measurement, new methods of building client strategy frameworks while at the same time being committed to ensure the creative process is alive and well within these new boundaries. As we enter the third decade of Internet history we are facing a world of massive changes in the midst of a historical technological industrial revolution.

Another year has passed, and another candle has been placed on the agency cake. I am proud to say we just chiseled another notch in the doorframe as we enter our 23rd year.

Many clients and colleagues past and present have left their mark here. While my name remains on the door, it has been a collaborative team effort every step of the way. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities, challenges, and friendships and I look forward to many, many more in the years ahead.


Hugh Mansfield is President & CEO of Mansfield Inc.

I Am Truly Blessed.

Today marks 20 years since I first filed my letters of incorporation. I can honestly tell you that on February 1, 1995, I was not envisioning life in 2015. I was thinking more about the next six months – possibly twelve – if things went extremely well. I had little to lose and a very supportive roommate (whom I would eventually marry).

Having a good bloodline of entrepreneurs in the family also bolstered my confidence. My great grandfather had owned a number of companies in British Columbia, and even a brewery; Lucky Lager, which he eventually sold to Labatt. My grandfather Hugh had owned his own furniture store and I had heard many stories from my mother about the trials and tribulations of growing up in a family-owned business. Knowing both the “good” and the “bad” stiffened my resolve to pursue this adventure. more

Mansfield Inc. Forges Ahead

As we enter our twentieth year in business, we have made some major overhauls over the past 24 months that position our agency to forge ahead into the next frontier of integrated communication strategies.

To begin with, we have changed our company name to Mansfield Inc. We feel that it is important to begin the next chapter with a fresh look that represents our new offerings within the agency. Our fully accredited Data Analytics team is onboard, in-house, and ready to process large-batch databases in-house. more

This year, a number of us at Mansfield decided to wear the fur on our upper lip in support of Movember. I am pleased to say that in our very first year our agency MoBros and MoSistas raised over $2,000 towards the national campaign. The Canadian campaign raised over $21 million and counting making us the number one country globally for this year’s campaign. more

TORONTO, November 25, 2013 – Andrea Ellison has joined Mansfield Communications as Senior Vice-President. Ms. Ellison will play a lead role in the Canadian operations of Mansfield Communications and will be responsible for expanding their client base through new business development initiatives. more

When I was entering my third office move in the Spring of 1998, it wasn’t because I disliked my current location (357 Bay St.), nice building owners, great cafe on the street level (now gone) and the front brass doors (still there) are from the old Toronto Star building- kind of fitting reminder of whom I am working with every single day of my career. more