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20 Years Later | Mansfield Inc.

Mansfield Inc.

I Am Truly Blessed.

Today marks 20 years since I first filed my letters of incorporation. I can honestly tell you that on February 1, 1995, I was not envisioning life in 2015. I was thinking more about the next six months – possibly twelve – if things went extremely well. I had little to lose and a very supportive roommate (whom I would eventually marry).

Having a good bloodline of entrepreneurs in the family also bolstered my confidence. My great grandfather had owned a number of companies in British Columbia, and even a brewery; Lucky Lager, which he eventually sold to Labatt. My grandfather Hugh had owned his own furniture store and I had heard many stories from my mother about the trials and tribulations of growing up in a family-owned business. Knowing both the “good” and the “bad” stiffened my resolve to pursue this adventure.

In establishing the company – known today as Mansfield Inc. – I determined that there was a simple 5-point company philosophy that I would always follow. This philosophy still guides our company today:

  1. Work hard, produce great results, and clients will give you more business (there is no substitute for hard work – a message that was instilled in me by my family and that I have passed onto my children).
  2. Never fear change. If you stand still too long, you will not succeed.
  3. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Just make sure you learn something from them.
  4. Surround yourself with great people and treat them with honesty and respect.
  5. Have fun and create a great place to work each and every day of the week.

A fairly straightforward philosophy that has allowed me to succeed, fail, learn, grow, change, laugh, cry, and explore. I am so grateful for the many staff members that I have had an opportunity to work with the past twenty years. Additionally, I am truly grateful for the multitude of client engagements. I would be nowhere without both of these key ingredients.

I also owe a great deal of my success to my wife and family. There are many lonely, difficult times as an entrepreneur, and your most reliable confidante is always the one you go home to every night. Your family shares in the risk, and always without complaint. They never stop believing in you.

Three office moves later and an entire new team devoted to data analytics & digital marketing (remember rule 2), and I am truly excited about the next twenty years here at Mansfield Inc. We continue to grow and expand our horizons, and the early returns on our new direction have been fantastic.

I am truly blessed to have such wonderful support from my staff, clients and family for the past twenty years. We plan on having a party (rule 5) when the weather warms up, so please stay tuned.


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