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A New Direction at Mansfield Inc. | Mansfield Inc.

Mansfield Inc.

Mansfield Inc. Forges Ahead

As we enter our twentieth year in business, we have made some major overhauls over the past 24 months that position our agency to forge ahead into the next frontier of integrated communication strategies.

To begin with, we have changed our company name to Mansfield Inc. We feel that it is important to begin the next chapter with a fresh look that represents our new offerings within the agency. Our fully accredited Data Analytics team is onboard, in-house, and ready to process large-batch databases in-house.

What we’re able to do now is amazing. Scientifically measuring campaigns, we hit meaningful KPIs, monetize databases, and fully understand our clients’ core audience(s) while identifying new revenue opportunities and mitigating exposure to risk. Science is forever-married to communications, and will always be part of the deliverable (look for my upcoming blog on this subject).

But as important as science is to communications, there’s an equal weighting to Art. And we continue to create rich content that leaves a lasting impact on our targeted audiences. To be honest, I often take a peek at what our creative team is designing, marveling out loud – only just learning that their headphones aren’t noise cancelling and they can hear every word I am saying. Embarrassment aside, they really are fantastic.

There’s no questioning, our agency has made some dramatic changes for the better. And while the industry has changed, we have not lost sight of traditional public relations. We have an extremely talented team that understands the complexities of integrated communications in today’s multifaceted, social world. Traditional media will continue to exist, but in a different form. However, at the core of all communications is creating meaningful content, something we’ve been doing for 20 years.

So, I encourage you to have a look around our new site. The ability to change and adapt to new technologies and demands of both clients and consumers has been embraced by everyone here at Mansfield. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our new offerings and how we might help you build your business in the new age of communications.


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