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With Silent Video Advertising on the Rise, Saying Nothing Can be Very Effective.

You know that saying, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all?”

Well, it just reached the advertising world and the results are pretty astonishing. According to a new study by Wibbitz, silent video ads are the best tool when advertising to reach an audience. From those who responded to the poll, 69% of users are not using ad blocker. Another study by IAB Canada found that only 1 in every 6 Canadians has AdBlocker. The average is 17% across Canada.

Silent Advertising 1

Millennial males were among the highest users of AdBlockers in Canada, at 28%. In general, the Atlantic region was less likely to use Adblocker (11 percent), while the Western region was more likely (19 percent). An interesting thing to note is that most people know about AdBlocker and have access to it, but choose not to use it.

Silent Advertising

Targeted ads even fell behind this new phenomenon of effective silent video ads. Perhaps a rise in GIF popularity is also involved in these findings. Viewers may see silent videos as an extension of the GIF, which would look more like native advertising than obvious paid advertising.

Here’s an example of a GIF used in an email campaign by Shoemint. Doesn’t really LOOK like an advertisement, right? Silent Advertising 3

Well, it is. And it works. Brands can quickly transition to become a part of the visual language. It’s already being shared globally through the Web. Riffsy CEO David McIntosh, who created keyboards for GIF videos on desktop and mobile devices said, “Three to five seconds is the new three to five minutes.” Videos that can tell a storyline, or get a brand’s mission across through images rather than voice over is a difficult art to master. But the results are worth the effort. Let’s take this Lincoln auto commercial. They’ve got the celebrity, the imagery and they’ve got a short phrase of text at the end to tie it altogether.


They have got a bit of music in the background, but even if the video showed up in your Facebook newsfeed muted, you might just be tempted to watch it until the end.

Mobile video also continues to grow in popularity.

McIntosh said that in the mobile world, people don’t want to watch a whole movie trailer on YouTube. They want short, attention grabbing content.  55 percent of those who were willing to spend 30 to 60 seconds watching video ads preferred targeted ads, and they were more likely to watch on mobile (60 percent) than on desktop (40 percent).

According to the Wibbitz Study, Interactive Ads actually received the most negative feedback, with only 6 percent of respondents saying they can tolerate them.

Silent Advertising 4


Despite the negative feedback about most types of advertisement, 78 percent of Canadians who are online admitted they would rather watch advertising than pay for an ad-free experience. Facebook was by far the largest avenue for video, scoring at 54 percent. Less than 6 percent of people used Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter to watch video.

Silent Advertising 5




What are some of the things we can learn from these reports?

1. Creating video content is really important. If you’re not doing that as a company yet, you’re already behind on the races.

2. Your content should be watchable whether it’s muted or not. If that means creating subtitles, do it. If it means producing more engaging imagery, do it.

3. ALL content you produce, whether video, GIF, image or text should always be optimized for mobile. If it doesn’t work on mobile, you are automatically cutting out 60 percent of your audience.

4. The shorter, the better. Attention spans grow shorter as content and technology becomes more quick and to the point.

5. Try and stay away from interactive and auto-play advertisements, people don’t like them!

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