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Canada 150 was a huge celebration across Canada, even more so than our usual July 1st parties. This is of course because we were celebrating 150 years of Canada, which turned out to be a big deal. All across the country the parties lasted four full days and nights and thousands of fireworks were fired off in celebration.

Social media blew up in shades of red and white and was bombarded with #canada150. In case you had somehow forgotten that Canada’s 150th birthday was this year, brands were ready with ad campaigns weeks before the big day to promote Canada, share proud Canadian messages and undoubtedly, to use the opportunity to capitalize on Canada’s birthday with some funny and heartwarming ads.

These are the best 8 Canada 150 ads:

Tim Hortons: ‘Born on Canada Day’

It should come as no surprise that Tim Hortons came out with one of the best ad campaigns celebrating Canada, as it is one of the main Canadian brands that most Canadians enjoy every day. Tim Hortons released this heartwarming ad for ‘those who’ve shaped out country and to those who will,’ however this commercial isn’t the only thing Tim Hortons did to ring in the big 1-5-0. Tim Hortons rolled out a surprise ‘Roll Up the Rim,’ which offers the regular prizes along with 10 trips across Canada for 10 lucky coffee-drinkers. Tim Hortons in the States also decided to participate by offering a poutine donut as a nod to its northern neighbours.

Coca-Cola: ‘The Great Canadian Chase’

Coca-Cola Canada created a great ad joking about the stereotype of Canadians being nice. Chasing a Coke bottle through Canadian cities, the two teenagers end up friends by the end of the ad- classic Canada. The ad was successful in wishing Canada a happy birthday in a funny way, along with promoting Coke.

Sport Chek: ‘Pillar vs. Cake #Canada150’

Sport Chek’s ad features one of Toronto Blue Jay’s most loveable players, Kevin Pillar. The sports company celebrates the best way they can: getting an athlete from one of Canada’s favourite teams to hit a candle from a birthday cake with a baseball from 150 ft away. Yes, Pillar does it, and yes, Sport Chek nailed this birthday ode to Canada.

Roots: ‘Celebrating 150 years of being nice’

Roots Canada created an ad focused on Canada being nice, however, rather than take the funny route, Roots focused on Canadians being nice throughout Canada history. The ad showcases historical Canada moments and people, like Terry Fox. The ad acts as a larger call to action, as Roots is working towards raising $150,000 in support of WE Indigenous Youth Empowerment Programming.



KFC is celebrating Canada Day by slightly changing up its branding for the summer. The new buckets of chicken will read “K’ehFC” to celebrate the classic “eh” that Canadians say all the time. You can check out the new branding on K’ehFC.ca or better yet, KFC’s first ever Canadian store, which is located on 8th street in Saskatoon, will change its sign to K’ehFC to show off its Canadian pride. That’s some good marketing, eh?

WestJet: ‘the #MostCanadian airline ever’

WestJet’s Canada 150 ad came out right before April’s Fools Day as it acted as a joke that WestJet was turning into the most Canadian airline by changing it’s name to ‘Canada Air.’ Other than just the joke aspect of the commercial, the ad is quite funny as it goes through stereotypical Canadian things like cross-country skiing, constantly saying “sorry” and curling. WestJet successfully said April’s Fools Day and happy birthday to Canada in one shot.

Chevrolet Canada: ‘The Canadian Dream’

Perhaps one of the very best Canadian commercials was Chevrolet’s. ‘The Canadian Dream’ focuses on personal experiences being more valuable than possessions as the commercials showcases tons of Canadians, all of different ages, genders, races and religions. Saying “everyone is welcome in this dream” is Chevrolet’s way of representing Canada as inclusive and kind, and it’s a great way to highlight the positive attributes of Canada.

President’s Choice: ‘#EatTogether’

President’s Choice has been ready for Canada 150 for the entire year as they released this ad on December 31, 2016. President Choice’s mission? To get Canadians to leave their phones behind and eat together. The heartwarming ad shows one woman’s journey in getting her apartment floor to enjoy a potluck meal. Here’s hoping that on Canada 150 lots of meals were shared and enjoyed as much as this one was.

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