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If your business doesn’t have a Twitter account yet, it should. Twitter is the best tool to get information to your audience quickly and efficiently. Not to mention it’s also one of the best social media networks to create an engaged and loyal audience. By limiting your tweets to 140 characters, Twitter has created an atmosphere of quick news, few words and an effective way to self-promote. However, even if you do have Twitter, are you using it properly? This doesn’t just mean you have a high following, it means you have a high engagement rate.

There are tons of tips and tricks to improve your Twitter account. The worst way is to buy your followers, which would merely result in a high follower count with a low engagement rate. Instead of the quick fix of buying followers, you should implement Twitter tips into your social media strategy to attract genuine followers that will continue to engage with your account.

These are the five tips you should implement into your strategy to organically increase your Twitter engagement:

 1. Know your audience 

Before you begin tweeting whatever comes to mind, do some research. Find out who your target audience is, discover their interests and know what content is popular in your industry. The first step to answer some of these questions is to check out your competitors and the big names within your industry. Look through these accounts and find out who their followers are and which type of tweets have the highest engagement rates. This is just a starting point, as your audience begins to grow so will your familiarity of them.

 2. Know how to use hashtags 

Hashtags are a good way to join a big conversation and engage with new accounts. That being said, this is not Instagram so using 10 hashtags isn’t going to raise your engagement, but rather make your account look like spam. The general rule on Twitter is one to three hashtags per tweet. Use only relevant hashtags that will join your tweet to a larger conversation. Most importantly, if something related to your industry is trending, use the hashtag and join the conversation right away.

 3. Know how to effectively engage

Engaging on Twitter goes beyond liking and retweeting. There are more effective ways to engage to create meaningful Twitter relationships. Twitter chats are arguably the most effective way to boost your visibility. Whether you’re hosting one or joining in, this is a prime opportunity to get your account noticed and to interact with new accounts that you know are actively engaged in your industry. To engage with new accounts, you can also try out the following tips.

  • Respond to big accounts. Your tweet will show up underneath theirs when others click to see more, which will give you good exposure.
  • Create Twitter polls about relevant industry news or about your own brand. This gives your audience an easy way to give you their thoughts and opinions.
  • Follow accounts that consistently engage in your tweets and reciprocate the engagement.
  • Don’t just retweet; retweet with your own opinion written above the original tweet to start a conversation.
  • Share links to relevant industry news and information and ask your followers questions related to the tweet.
  • Live tweet any relevant industry events you attend with the event hashtag.

 4. Know when to tweet

In the world of social media, it’s better to be overseen than rarely seen, especially with Twitter. The average lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes, which means that the chances of your tweet being seen by your entire audience is slim. This is why most successful Twitter accounts tweet anywhere from five to 20 times per day. The easiest way to stay active on twitter is to use a scheduling program, like Hootsuite, to ensure you’re always publishing content. Another way to ensure your content is being seen is to send out at least three different tweets about the same topic at different times throughout the day.

 5. Know the different between brand-centric marketing and customer-centric marketing 

Look at twitter accounts like Wendy’s for example. Wendy’s twitter has successfully shifted from the traditional brand-centric marketing to customer-centric marketing. You can easily recognize this through their banter with customers, their funny tweets that don’t read like ads and their latest viral sensation of giving a teenager free nuggets for a year once he reached 18 million retweets.

A good rule of thumb is to use the 80/20 rule. This means that 80 per cent of your posts are about your community and only 20 per cent are about the product. To gain interested followers who will willingly engage, the 80/20 rule and human-centric marketing tactics should be implemented into your twitter strategy.

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